Casino Slots Machines

Understanding Casino slots machines are extremely popular among the gamblers. They can be found in both the online free casinos portals as well as in the brick & mortar ones. Apart from first time gamblers, there are few persons who gamble yet does not know about these casino slots machines. But how do these machines function and how is their payout calculated? The rules are similar both to the mechanical and the simulated online slot machines and each of them contains 3 or more circular reels. Each of these reels contains different symbols. The most common designs are those of cherries, bars, the number 7 and a jackpot symbol. [..]

Cashapillar Video Slot

Cashapillar Video Slot – If you have an itch to play a truly captivating video casino slots game, look no further than the Cashapillar Video Slots game from Microgaming! This is an excellent way for beginning players to work their way into the fabulous world of video slots, but there is plenty to keep veteran slots players entertained as well.

In terms of game play Cashapillar Video Slots is positively huge. Featuring 100 paylines and an almost unheard of 5 x 5 slot layout, the opportunities for fun and excitement–not to mention some truly spectacular wins–are almost limitless with this game. This should hardly come as a surprise given Microgaming’s reputation for some of the best slots and casino games around. You will be glad to know that Cashapillar Video Slots is a worthy addition to the Microgaming stables, and this game should do its part in keeping up the company’s reputation for excellence and high quality gaming.

One of the other things Microgaming is known for is its imaginative and thoroughly unique take on many of the classic casino games and with each of their offerings, they only serve to push the boundaries of gaming even further. Cashapillar Video Slots is in itself a unique twist on the familiar slots concept with a totally charming and entertaining insect theme. This should be fairly obvious when you see the screen images of the game, which is packed full of a host of creepy and crawly–but no less adorable–creatures from the insect kingdom. Bugs, caterpillars, snails, beetles and many more are all here in abundance making Cashapillar Video Slots a game that will reward those who have an affinity for multi legged creatures.

Speaking of the graphics, the game is a positively dazzling array of colors, which represent all the multi colored hues of this particular branch of the animal kingdom. Microgaming is well known to casino and video slots players all over the world for their excellent high quality graphics–among other things–and this game will definitely not disappoint.

As in all of Microgaming’s releases however, there is so much more to Cashapillar Video Slots than pretty pictures and even without considering the awesome graphics, this game can stand well enough on its own. As we mentioned earlier in this article, Cashapillar Video Slots is a massive game–in fact, Platinum Play Casino claims that this is its biggest game to date–and there are numerous opportunities for wins and rewards here.

One of the most innovative features of this game is the “stacked wilds” concept, which can appear on all of the reels. Up to 5 Cashapillar wilds can show up vertically to form a win bonanza. You will want to keep an eye out for the wilds when this happens as every time they come together to form a win, that win is doubled in value! Furthermore, every line can win you up to 2000 in the base game alone and a further 6000 coins in Free Spins!

Tomb Raider Online Slots – The Secret of the Sword Video Slots

Launching on March 11th, the ambitious video slots never before seen at online casinos: Tomb Raider – The Secret of the Sword. 5 reel 30 pay-line multi-faceted, free spins, online slots free bonuses, wild and scatter awards and free games.

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword captures the gripping excitement and suspense of the original movie and video slots series, together with uniquely online slots twists for a amazing experience. This penny slots machine will bring you hours of full. This is one of the best online slots ever to be released so don’t miss out and join a Microgaming casino to play Tomb Raider Online Slots – The Secret of the Sword